Wranglers of Death

With the family ranch and their mother's health on the line, Will and Violet reluctantly decide to follow in their dead father's footsteps and deliver a herd of zombies to Hollywood for next year's blockbusters.

Joined by Grant, an experienced and handsome zombie hunter, the team leads the herd of undead into the untamed wilderness. Facing weather that is growing more dangerous by the day, 400 zombies growing more restless by each mile, and with only a short window to get the herd to their destination, the Wranglers take a shorter route through the mountains. But this shortcut becomes deadly when their prize zombie gets loose.

Will (Christian Doyle) - Having grown up in his father shadow, Will is a wise-crackin', horse-wise, sharp-shootin' son-of-a-gun. But Will's father always protected him from the dangers of being a Wrangler of Death and Will always resented him for it. With this 'one last run', Will believes he'll be able to finally get out of his fathers shadow and prove that he's his own man.
Violet (Samara Lermen) - Violet was born for the adventure of the open range, like her father, but after his tragic death, Violet took on the role of nurturer and raised her brother, Will, while her mother ran the ranch. Now Violet finds herself torn between taking care of her family and the the siren call of adventure.
Grant (Kevin Pitman) - Grant's family are well-known zombie hunters. Tough, cavalier and swarthy, Grant may be courageous but he's not reckless - at least not while he's on the job. But something haunts Grant and he brings with him a terrible secret.
Ma (Macall Gordon) - Mother of Will and Violet, ran the Flying Z ranch since her husband died a decade earlier in a stampede. Having been diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer's, Ma's dementia has just starting getting in the way of her own personal safety and now Will and Violet are facing having to sell the ranch to pay for her rising medical bills.

Produced by Rennie Araucto

Directed and Written by Ben Dobyns

Story by Ben Dobyns and Rennie Araucto

Original concept by Christian Doyle

  • Christian Doyle (Will)
  • Samara Lerman (Violet)
  • Kevin Pitman (Grant)
  • Macall Gordon (Ma)
  • Brian Lewis (Hero Zombie)
  • Scott C. Brown (Cowboy #1)
Story by
  • Christian Doyle
  • Matt Vancil
  • Nathan Rice
  • Rennie Araucto
  • Ben Dobyns
  • Rennie Araucto (Producer)
  • Ben Dobyns (Director, Writer)
  • Jeremy Mackie (Director of Photography)
  • Alisa Tyrill (1st Assistant Camera)
  • Andy Dopieralski (2nd Assistant Camera)
  • Tony Becerra (1st Assistant Director)
  • Kat Ogden (2nd Assistant Director)
  • Nikki Sherritt (Production Coordinator)
  • Leila Aram-Panahi (Art Director)
  • Chris Menges (Asst. Art Director)
  • Kyra-lin Hom (Wardrobe)
  • Shawn Shelton (Key Makeup)
  • Damon Vanhee (Hair/Makeup)
  • Aubrey Kehres (Script Supervisor)
  • Kelsey Wood (Sound Mixer)
  • Dameon Willich (Stunt Coordinator)
  • Chuck Davenport (Stunt Rider #2)
  • Gordon Fry (Armorer)
  • Nancy Fry (Horse Wranglers)
  • Ryan Middleton (Gaffer)
  • Art Reynolds (Best Boy Electric)
  • Jimmy Canavan (Production Assistant)
  • Rachel Araucto (Production Assistant)
  • Kyle Thomas (Production Assistant)
  • Shawn Bowlby (Key Grip)
  • Niall James (Best Boy Grip)
  • Kim Becerra (Set Medic)
  • With special thanks to Rich Kaalaas for permitting us to use Reinfire Ranch for so many of our scenes!


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